Mamie Doris Bell Hanson

May 18, 1924—October 25, 2018

I was born in Kingsmill, Texas, a small settlement seven miles east of Pampa in the same farm house that my five siblings were born. We were the Bell family. I was the baby. I had a temper in my early childhood and most of my life. I would get mad when I was little and hold my breath, but my daddy would just take me and dip me in the horse tank to make me behave. It worked most of the time.

My daddy Charlie Benjamin Bell (Charlie) was a wheat farmer and we grew almost everything we ate and canned what was left over in the summer. My mother Mamie Kuykendall was the hardest working woman. She cooked, tended the garden, washed the clothes on a washboard, kept the farm house going and took care of six kids. We were the typical west Texas farm family, hardworking and barely making a living from the farm. However, we did not know we were dirt poor, because all our neighbors and friends were just like us.

 I was baptized in the same church and graduated from the same high school (Pampa High) that each of my siblings did. I graduated in the class of 1943 and was number three. We did not have a senior prom or yearbook, just our pictures in the newspaper. I got my first job at Southwest Bell Telephone Company just one day before I graduated from high school.

I worked for the phone company in Pampa for about one year before transferring to Oklahoma City. I later took the civil service exam and went to work at Tinker Field. I lived with my sister, Madge. Her husband was in WWII and was in Germany. I met my first husband, Od Miller Yon while working at Tinker Field. We were married in February 1945 and I had my only child Sharon in November 1945. Od was in WWII and severed in Okinawa, Japan.

After the war, we moved to Winter Haven, Florida to live with Od’s family. He was a commercial house painter. We moved to Dallas in 1953 and bought a home in the Casa View neighborhood where Od continued work painting houses. He passed away in 1974. I went back to work for the phone company as a PBX operator. I married again in 1983 to Carl Hanson. He worked for the Texas Highway Department as a crew chief repairing roadways. We retired in 1997 and we moved to Tool, TX to return to our childhood farming life. We lived on several acres and had a garden, chickens, and goats. Carl passed away in 1999.

After Carl passed, I moved to Garland, TX to live in my daughter’s townhouse. My loving daughter took care of me for several years as my health became worst. The rest is history. I am the only surviving member of my family. I lived a full and rewarding life and will now be in a better place with my family. Hope to see you in heaven.

Viewing service held at Williams Funeral Directors, 1600 S. Garland Ave., Garland, TX. Endured at King Cemetery, Kemp, TX

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