Mona Jennings Freeman scholarship winners

The Mona Jennings Freeman Memorial Scholarship Fund was created from the 1st Annual Mo Memorial Golf Tournament on Oct. 6  at Pampa CC.

Two of Mona’s Texas Tech golfing friends, Lisa Beck and Laurie Brower approached our family to keep the memory of Mona’s legacy alive by having this tournament.   After the tournament, we were so blessed and amazed at the outcome of the donations and  participation in the tournament which helped us fund these scholarships. We would like to thank each and everyone that donated and helped in making this possible. This first year gave us enough funds to give 10 scholarships of $1,400 each in four different schools that Mona had been associated with.

We are proud to present Kyndall Hill and Jordan Cochran in Canadian where Mona coached cross country, basketball and track  during the two yrs in 1994-1996.  

In Pampa, we are proud to present Taylor May and Braxton Floyd  as two recipients where Mona coached golf and taught for 6 years in 2002-2008.

In Wheeler, we are proud to present LOGAN HARRIS and COOPER ADAMS  as two recipients where Mona graduated high school in 1983.

In White Deer, we are proud to present Chayslyn Ensey,

Shea Johnson, Hannah Grange and Gage Freeman as recipients where Mona coached golf and taught for 11 years.

The  2nd  Annual Mo Memorial Golf Tournament will be Aug. 10 at Pampa Country Club.

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