Airline travel


Recently I have noticed an increase in delays on flights. Over the last few months, I have flown on dozens of flights that are seldom on schedule. On more than one occasion I or a family member have had luggage not arrive with our flights. Luckily, the airlines have delivered the lost baggage within 24 hours, but I have heard horror stories of people’s luggage never being recovered. American Airlines is having a regular problem with delayed luggage these days. A word to the wise, always carriy an extra set of clothes in your carry-on as well as a comfortable pair of walking shoes, as well as all medications.

Delays have become a quite common trend these days. Spending anywhere from one hour to six hours sitting in airports waiting to board flights is the new norm. My best advice is to get a battery pack for your phone to keep in your carry-on, there is not always a convenient charging station nearby. Battery packs are inexpensive and great to have for vacations. Taking a massive amount of pictures with your phone will drain batteries quickly. Other things that make layovers or delays more bearable are pre-downloading a movie or audiobook on your devices before trips. Downloads can take forever depending on the quality. It can be frustrating waiting for a movie to download. I personally still carry a paperback book as well as a few snacks, so I do not have to pay the outrageous cost of airport stores. Snacks for me usually include something healthy as well as rare treats like gourmet chocolate bars from places like World Market. When I am in the mood for something more than almonds and candy bars. I enjoy sitting at a restaurant or bar near my gate for a cocktail with a big bowl of chips and salsa to make the wait more bearable.

Another thing I suggest carrying an empty water bottle. Airports always have water fountains with filtered water. Single-use plastic bottles have long been frowned upon because they create far too much waste. Sanitizer wipes are another useful thing to carry with you. While traveling lately I have noticed that the aircraft are not clean. On the last flight, I took there was trash in the seat back when I got to my seat as well as food on the floor! I recently learned that some airlines only sanitize the aircraft during the day and leave the actual cleaning until the end of the day after the last flight. I always wipe down the armrests as well as my belt buckle before using them. It is shocking even with the Covid issue how unclean these aircraft have been. Another thing to consider before traveling is to charge all your electronics the night before. I keep a small bag with all my charges in my carry-on front pouch as well as an extra phone charger in my checked luggage. Noise-canceling headphones are a wonderful thing to have on long flights with screaming children.

An interesting fact authors such as Neil Gaiman will secretly autograph their books on sale in airport bookstores. So be on the lookout for those easter eggs when traveling.


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