‘Alexa, when is my electricity bill due?’

Xcel Energy unveils Amazon Alexa Skill to help customers manage bills.


MINNEAPOLIS (May 17, 2021) – Xcel Energy announced today a new Amazon Alexa skill, or voice app, that allows customers to easily manage their account and track their energy use.

“We are excited to be collaborating with Amazon on this project to deliver the most user-friendly experience to our customers,” said Brett Carter, executive vice president and chief customer and innovation officer for Xcel Energy. “We continually strive to find new ways to serve our customers better, and this technology is a great addition which will only get more sophisticated over time.”

With this new Alexa skill customers can check their bill balance, compare their energy usage to last year, and be reminded of their payment due date. By enabling the free Amazon Alexa app, customers can simply say “Alexa, link my Xcel Energy account” to get started. Alexa will send customers an email to finish linking their account.

Alexa is available on hundreds of millions of devices, including TVs, PCs, hearables, wearables and more. Customers can also download the Amazon Alexa app via Google Play or Apple’s app store.

In 2019 Xcel Energy also introduced Google Assistant for customers, which allows them to check balances and pay their bills on mobile and dedicated devices.

Xcel Energy is a leader in smart home technologies that help customers manage their energy, offering discounts on energy efficient lightbulbs and rebates on smart thermostats, high efficiency furnaces and water heaters. The company also offers more than 150 energy efficiency programs to help customers save energy and money.

Learn more at xcelenergy.com.


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