Good Cuisine with a big city feel. Ate-Oh-Six is getting ready to open it’s door with lots to offer


Abby Cervantes is no stranger to the restaurant industry, after watching her parents own and operate their own restaurant and her own experience in the industry, her dreams of starting her own restaurant are becoming a reality.

“I learned a lot by watching the process through my parents and then working in the industry as a bartender,” Cervantes said. “I left my job when I knew God was telling me to do something of my own and it’s finally coming together.”

After much consideration and searching for locations, Cervantes landed on the empty building where ‘Mojo’s Bar and Grille’ once sat in downtown Pampa. Cervantes grew up in Canadian, where her parents owned their own establishment, ‘La Sierra’ for 13 years before deciding to sell.

“Getting to see that side of the industry taught me a lot,” Cervantes said. “I saw the sacrifice it takes to make something like this work, and it helped me even more when I went to work at a restaurant as a bartender.”

The location for Ate-Oh-Six was finalized in August and renovations began, while it will offer a restaurant, there will also be a separation in the building for the bar area.

“I want to offer a place for families to come and enjoy a meal without the bar being involved,” Cervantes said. “But I also want to provide a place for friends and families to come and hang out in a bar setting with food options still available. Just catering to all people is my goal for the restaurant.”

From the Facebook page, it mentions that Ate-Oh-Six is a ‘Cocina’ the Spanish word for kitchen, giving the impression that this will be just a Mexican restaurant in Pampa. That is not the case for Ate-Oh-Six, Cervantes plans to offer both authentic Mexican cuisine but also American dishes and bar food items. Making it more than just one thing.

“I don’t want to be just another Mexican restaurant here in town,” Cervantes said. “Those are my roots, I am Hispanic myself but I want my business to be more than that. So offering both allows the best of both worlds while still honoring my family.”

The buildings first floor has undergone renovations since August, getting it ready to the point Cervantes has envisioned, but the upstairs will remain untouched until a later date.

“I do have plans and dreams for the upstairs but it needed more work than the first floor,” Cervantes said. “So we will open with the first floor being both a restaurant and a bar and grille and as time goes on, my dreams for upstairs will come into play.”

The plan Cervantes has for Ate-Oh-Six is to give an atmosphere of a big city establishment, giving the feeling that you aren’t in Pampa while still appreciating all Pampa has to offer.

“People drive hours to Amarillo or further for a restaurant that has a big city feel to it,” Cervantes said. “Myself included, so that’s why for me it’s so important to bring something as unique as that to Pampa and the surrounding towns.”

The bar will be a 25 foot bar with full service. The liquor license took over three months to obtain, along with permits to serve food.

“There has been some set backs along the way but this is what God has opened up for me,” Cervantes said. “So I truly believe it will all work out. I don’t want to be seen as competition for the restaurants already here, I like to believe the sun shines on everyone. There’s room for every business to flourish.”

With many ideas and plans, it’s no doubt that Ate-Oh-Six could become the hot spot for residents of Pampa and surrounding towns. While there is not an official open date just yet, Cervantes is aiming to open by Superbowl weekend.

Ate-Oh-Six is still in the process of finding the right staff. To apply, message them on Facebook at their official page or visit the location at 113 S. Cuyler where physical applications are available in the mailbox.

Stay tuned to The Pampa News for an official opening date for Ate-Oh-Six.


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