Bringing the Family Back to The Dinner Table

The Mother Daughter Duo hope to bring families back to the table each night over their delicious ready-to-go meals


Ceeli Hunt used to own and operate Vintage Whimsy Co, but decided she wanted to shift how she serves the community. Her mother, Starla Kindle ran a baked goods shop, Sweet Street, at the same time Vintage Whimsy was in full effect.

“I still do a bit of what I did with Vintage Whimsy but I wanted to do something different,” Hunt said. “My mother was already doing baking and I wanted to grow on that.”

The two decided to combine their talents and so began Oh Happy Days. The duo now are neighbors out in the countryside of Pampa, where the perfect potential kitchen presented itself. Between the two homes was a ‘scale house’ that Kindle’s husband used but once the idea of a food business came about, the husband fully renovated the building and it now stands as a commercial kitchen for the two to work out of.

“We had an old scale house sitting there,” Kindle said. “So we had them renovate the house and get it built up to the level we needed.”

When the kitchen was complete and furnished, the two sought out the furniture they’d want in the building. While they did find the seating they wanted, the two joke that they never actually get to sit down and have downtime like they’d thought they’d do, but we more than glad with the amount of work they get to do.

The idea came about months ago, but the two decided to start in August, nearing the start of school.

“We try to keep up with the schedule of school to give ourself those holidays off too,” Hunt said. “But we do still cook and prepare meals for sell leading up to those breaks.”

The company puts its weekly menu out on Friday’s at 10 and takes orders until the following Sunday at 5, then they go out for delivery on Thursday.

“In 2023 we are restructuring our menu,” Hunt said. “We are still going to do the same types of casseroles but offering them in single serve portions, as well as large pan options.”

The duo takes pride in knowing what products are in the foods they sell.

“We stay away from the preservatives,” Kindle said. “We want the food to be the best tasting foods.”

While the company doesn’t have a store front, the orders and menu are all done over the Facebook group they’ve created. The company offers five individual meals that come with two sides and a dessert, as well as two keto options each week. As an incentive, for ordering five meals you get 10% off, and 10 meals ordered is a 15%.

“The menu changes, but folks still have the option of individual meals or casseroles,” Hunt said. “It’s like a hometown ‘hello fresh’.”

Each week, the company does a ‘Pay it Forward’ choosing someone from each school, and a community member.

“We wanted to give back,” Hunt said. “So each week an employee at one of the schools gets a free meal and then picks someone from another school, and the community member that is chosen gets to pick someone else.”

The companies goal is to provide healthy meals and bring the family back to the table, and follow the bible verse, 1 Corinthians 16:14 ‘Let All You Do Be Done In Love’.

“Getting to sit down for a meal as a family is so important,” Kindle said. “It’s the time you get to talk about your day, and catch up. It’s important for a family to have that time together. We have a lot of fun getting to do what we do and we want others to share in that joy as well.”

To see the weekly menu or to order, join the Facebook group ‘Oh Happy Days Casseroles To Go’


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