Christmas with George & Martha Washington


On Sunday evening, Dec. 4, at 6pm, Hi-Land Christian Church will host 2 very special visitors: George & Martha Washington. YES, you read that correctly, the Washingtons will be visiting our church that evening. The significance of their visit is to SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT.

Sadly we live in times of fake news and twisted news on every social media source and even on television. And one of the biggest lies that is posted all over the place is that the “founders of America weren’t really Christians, but rather devout deists.” THAT IS A LIE!

Now you may not believe me when I proclaim that it is a lie, but I’m hoping that you will believe George & Martha. That is why they will be visiting Hi-Land Christian Church for one Sunday evening, Dec. 4, 6pm.

Mark your calendar and don’t miss this “one-of-a-kind” evening. You won’t see the Washingtons anywhere else, at any other time. One evening, Sunday evening, Dec. 4, 6pm at Hi-Land Christian Church.

George and Martha will not only affirm their solid faith in Christ, but George will be sharing several undeniable miracles that God performed in his life. If God had not intervened and divinely protected George on more than one occasion, he would never have been alive to be our first President. Don’t miss the personal accounts of those miracles from George’s own lips. Reading about them in a book is one thing, but there is nothing like hearing George personally describe how God saved him and protected him; it will surely send chills up your spine. Don’t miss it. See you there. God bless.


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