County Commissioners hold meeting Friday


The Gray County Commissioners Court held a regularly-scheduled meeting on Friday morning.

After the opening formalities, the Commissioners approved the minutes and approved to pay the bills for the month.

The Commissioners also approved to increase the mileage reimbursement rates to increase from 52 cents to 58 1/2 cents.

“We typically just go with what the national standard is and approve it in court,” County Judge Chris Porter said. “This is reimbursement for elected officials going to conferences and training. Anytime you use your personal vehicle, you’re reimbursed for the mileage.”

The Commissioners discussed but postponed updates to the county road crossing policy.

“The last one (county road crossing request) we did, I realized as I went through it we didn’t have a liability clause to protect the county from any damages done by a pipeline contractor,” Porter said. “So I basically went through and re-built our entire policy. It was a page long, but now it’s three pages long and protects the County better than it did before.”

The Commissioners also discussed motor-grader number assignments for the benefit of better communication during emergencies like wildfires.

“We’re having a challenge with our radio systems being able to go across multiple entities,” Porter said. “We’re trying to figure out how to keep everyone separated. The City of Pampa uses a number system similar to our maintainers so if you’re calling ‘104’ for Precinct 1, Number 4 maintainer, they don’t know if you’re calling a maintainer or a Pampa police officer.”

The Commissioners also approved the following items:

• Resolution for Agreement between the Office of Texas Secretary of State and Gray County for Payment for Voting Machine Upgrades

• Adult Probation Ford Pickup and Juvenile Probation Buick Car as Surplus Material

• Accept CLE Hours for Gaye Whitehead

• Extend Covid 19 Disaster Declaration

• Delinquent Tax Properties

- Property Address: 430 Crest

Legal Description: Lot 13 Blk 2 Hillcrest Terrace

Taxes Due: 177

Appraisal Value: 1 ,020

Name of Bidder: Sandra L Martinez

Amount of Bid: 1,300.00

- Property Address: 1041 Vamon

Legal Description: Lot 12 Blk 2 Prairie Village

Taxes Due: 191

Appraisal Value: 1,100

Name of Bidder: Sandra L Martinez

Amount of Bid: 1,500.00

- Property Address: 305 E Browning

Legal Description: Lot 3 & W 20’ of 4 Blk 2 Hillcrest Terrace

Taxes Due: 1,137

Appraisal Value: 2,500

Name of Bidder: Alejandra Soriano

Amount of Bid: 2,800

- Property Address: 4I 0 Maple

Legal Description: Lot 5 Blk 1 Cohen Addition

Taxes Due: 318

Appraisal Value: 380

Name of Bidder: Alejandra Soriano

Amount of Bid: 600.00

- Property Address: Lot on Clark

Legal Description: Lot 15 Blk 1 Routson Subdivision

Taxes Due: 264

Appraisal Value: 1,180

Name of Bidder: Sandra L Martinez

Amount of Bid: 2,000.00


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