County Commissioners to meet Monday


The Gray County Commissioners Court will met at 9 a.m. on Monday morning in the second floor courtroom at Gray County Courthouse, 205 N. Russell, for a regularly-scheduled meeting.

After the opening formalities and the opportunity for citizens to be heard, the commissioners will dive into their agenda:

• Pay Bills as Approved by the County Auditor

• Consider Line Item Transfers

• Consider Budget Amendments

• Discuss Tax Abatement Request for Keystone Tower Systems

• Consider Renewing Guidelines for Granting Tax Abatements in the Re-Investment Zone Created in the Jurisdiction of Gray County Texas

• Consider Approval ofthe Clarendon College 2021-2022 Budget

• Discuss Rural Broadband Project with Resound

• Consider Change in Clyde Carruth Pavilion Contract

• Consider Contracting with a Surveyor and Appraiser for the Sale of Surplus Real Property for the Precinct 4 Fuel Depot in McLean

• Consider Sheriff and Constable Fees Report

• Consider Imposition of Optional Fees for CY2022 (Department of Public Safety)

• Consider the Appointment of Ken Fields as Gray County Hearing Examiner

• Consider Observance of County Auditor, Assistant Auditor and Court Reporter Salaries as set by the District Judges per Local Government Code 152.031 (a) and (b) for FY2022

• Accept Judge Karen Goodman’s CLE’s

• Consider Extending County Emergency Declaration


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