County Court recognize retirement of long-time employee


The Gray County commissioners met on Friday morning for a regularly-scheduled meeting in the second floor courtroom at Gray County courthouse. Lake Arrington and Jeff Haley were absent for the meeting.

After their usual house-keeping business, commissioner Joe Wheeley and the rest of the Court recognized the retirement of long-time Precinct 1 foreman Jimmy Gatlin.

“His dad was my road foreman in 1989 and was equally important to me,” Wheeley said. “These two men have actually been a part of my life. I couldn’t have done it and been as successful on the roads without these guys.”

Gatlin has been with Wheeley since 1995 and said he receives a lot of compliments on his roads, but couldn’t do it without the hard work from Gatlin and his father.

“It’s not me, it’s just having good people working for you,” Wheeley said.

Nick Simpson and Joan Gray-Soria of the Extension Service gave a presentation about what Gray County 4-H has been doing. 

Simpson noted all of the conferences that have taken place or are scheduled to take place including the beef conference, cotton conference, crop profitability conference and the various stock shows he will be participating in. 

Gray-Soria gave each of the commissioners a written report and discussed the various restaurant-related classes the Extension Service offers.

The commissioners approved the following items:

• Pay bills as approved by the County Auditor.

• Line item transfers.

• Budget amendments.

• Accept the Treasurer’s Quarterly Report

• Replacing Elaine Morris with Carla Carter for the Sick Pool Committee

• Bond for Teresa Davis

• Continuing Education for County Clerk Office

• Potter County Fee increase for mental commitments

• Resolution matching TX DOT Aviation request for Perry Lefors Lighting Project.

The commissioners took no action or tabled the following items:

• Consider County Road F crossing by Amarillo Natural Gas. This item was tabled because the road in question is in Lake Arrington’s precinct and the commissioners wanted him to make the decision on the project.

• Consider County Wide Burn Ban. The commissioners took no action on this but discussed possibly waiting another month before deciding whether or not to implement the burn ban.


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