Dee Dee Laramore retires from Tralee Crisis Center


After 14 and a half years of serving as the Executive Director or Tralee Crisis Center, Dee Dee Laramore has retired from the organization.

Laramore started at the organization in 2007 and said her plan was always to retire when she got to the right age.

“It was my plan all along, even when I accepted the job in 2007,” Laramore said. “I knew I was retirement age at 66 and it had always been my plan. I said to God I wanted this to be my last job before I retire. I never worked a full 14 years anywhere. I was at The Pampa News off and on for 25 years.”

Laramore said she is going to enjoy her retirement and take the time to focus on her health after having heart surgery earlier this year.

“I’m working on that (health) right now and I have a couple of projects I’m doing,” Laramore said.

Over the last 14 years, Laramore said the need for Tralee Crisis Center has been a big part of her life.

“I knew it was a really hard job cause you’re dealing with some of the worst situations there are with people,” Laramore said. “It takes a toll to do that. I knew all along it was going to be a really hard job.

“After a board meeting once, I realized, somebody’s got to do this. It has to be done. There’s somebody that has to be strong enough and not give up. These people need it so bad. That’s what’s kept me going, God put me here and gave me the strength to do it.”

Along with Laramore, Tralee has had a strong support staff and volunteers that have helped so many people over the years.

“I have always had a very good board,” Laramore said. “After almost every board meeting they would walk out the door, I’d lock it and think to myself, ‘I am so fortunate to have a good board of such dedicated people.’ They felt just like I did.

“Then my staff, they are the front line people. They made it happen, I just made sure they had what they needed. But they are the day-to-day and the ones helping people.”

Laramore is married to her husband, Vic, and the pair have two children, Angel Grant and Dave Bridges, two grandchildren, Brendan Grant and Caitlin Maxwell, and three great-grandchildren.

The Pampa News would like to thank Dee Dee for her service to the community and wishes her the best of luck in her retirement.


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