Dr. Jay Johnson Kicks off bid for re-election to Texas


Dr. Jay Johnson will hold a meet and greet on Friday, Jan. 7 from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the Pampa Independent School District Administration Building’s Board Room, located at 1233 N. Hobart.

In a press release submitted to The Pampa News, Dr. Johnson discussed the role he played in state education during his recent term.

“State Board of Education Jay Johnson quickly established himself as a conservative force on the SBOE.

‘I am looking forward to SBOE reviewing the TEKS for social studies in 2022. This is extremely important in light of the recent controversies about CRITICAL RACE THEORY finding it’s way into. Texas curriculum in spite of the Texas Legislature outlawing CRT in Texas Schools. I have had an opportunity to appoint a very conservative retired professor as a Content Advisor and to approve several excellent, conservative members to Work Groups involved in the Social Studies review.’

In November Johnson was one of 3 SBOE members who voted against all publishers offering Instructional materials for Health and Sex education studies in Texas [k-12] public schools. Dr. Johnson said some of the material was just inappropriate, or not age appropriate and others instructed students to share issues with a “trusted adult,” neglecting to even mention PARENTS. A couple of publishers contained TOO MUCH INFORMATION, that was not a part of curriculum [TEKS]. Some student information could compromise privacy due to digital surveys. Dr. Johnson made the front page of several major papers across the state when he said, ‘I represent a very conservative constituency. If I vote for any of these Instructional materials, I might not be able to get a seat in a local restaurant or be able to pick up my cleaning!’

Johnson also voted to veto several Charter schools in June. He said he was not opposed to school choice, but stated ‘if we are going to offer choices, let’s be sure we only offer GOOD choices.’ Dr Jay said the same thing about Instructional materials. ‘If we are going to approve IM, let’s make sure the choices are the BEST.’

Johnson was elected to a 4 year term in 2020, but due to Texas redistricting, all SBOE members must be elected to serve by the new districts assigned after the lines were redrawn. Winners will draw for 2 or 4 year terms in order to put terms back on a staggered cycle. Johnson’s district, District 15, lost 3 counties to the east and picked up 13 counties to the southwest for a total of 87 counties in SBOE’s largest geographic district includes just under 2 million constituents. The district includes Amarillo, Lubbock, Odessa, Midland, San Angelo, Abilene and Wichita Falls.

The Republican primary is March 1.

Dr. Jay Johnson is a retired dentist who practiced in Pampa for 43 years. He served on the Pampa ISD Board of Trustees for 16 years and has served on the Pampa Youth and Community Center’s board of directors for 40 years.

He is a member of First Baptist Church in Pampa where he serves as a deacon and a member of Gideon’s International. He and his wife, Lind, have two daughters and five granddaughters.


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