Edith Hill celebrates 40 years at Gray County Title


As the world moves to a more transient society, it’s refreshing to see someone like Edith Hill, who recently celebrated her 40th Anniversary at Gray County Title.

Hill, who is the manager for the abstract business, started at Gray County Title on July 6, 1981, coming to work for Bill Arrington through a connection with Wes Langham.

“Wes Langham was Bill Arrington’s business manager, and I knew Wes from Clarendon,” Hill said. “Wes lived at Greenbelt Lake and his wife, Melba, worked at the Clarendon abstract office with me. So Wes knew I knew the business.”

The abstract business has changed dramatically over the years; and just like everything else, it’s been affected by the digital age.

“Our card indexes are through 2013 and then we started on the computers in 2014,” Hill said.

Abstract businesses like Gray County Title, keep an index of all of the land in Gray County and its history. They also provide real estate closings, title insurance and comprehensive sovereignty of soil documentation. Gray County Title also has indexes on Roberts County titles.

With more than 40 years under her belt, Hill has seen generations of landowners come through Gray County Title.

“When I came here, I knew no one but Wes Langham and Gene Barber,” Hill said. “ Some people I’ve closed on the third generation. There are several families I’ve done work for three generations.”

Edith, now 81 years old, said she enjoys what she does and plans to continue as long as she can.

Lake Arrington, whose family owns Gray County Title, said Hill has been a great asset to the business.

“She’s been an excellent employee for 40 years,” Arrington said. “We can’t do it without her. It’s been wonderful.”

Gray County Title has three on staff and was originally located in the Hughes Building on the second floor. It moved to the first floor of the Hughes Building for a period before moving to it’s current location at 720 W. Francis in September 2016. They can be reached at 806-665-8241.


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