Elite Eye Care new location construction is under way


Elite Eye Care held the ground-breaking for their upcoming new location at 25th and Perryton Parkway a couple of weeks ago.

The ground-breaking was the physical realization of a dream two-and-a-half years in the making.

Owners Misty LeBlanc and Lindsay Hudson have owned Elite Eye Care since 2012 and as their business has grown, they have seen the need for more office space.

“We’re growing and we don’t have the facility we need for the patient growth,” LeBlanc said.

Hudson added there is more space needed for some of the newer equipment to treat patients.

“There is a lot of specialized equipment we need to treat and diagnose eye diseases,” Hudson said. “We need room for that equipment so we don’t disrupt the care to the other patients. All of our new equipment will have their own rooms.”

LeBlanc said when the pair started they were both part-time so the space needed at their office wasn’t an issue.

“We were only here half the week for each of us,” LeBlanc said. “But now it feels like our staff, patients and us are all congesting the space.”

Hudson said it was a matter of not being complacent and choosing to improve their business.

“We’ve chosen to take this leap to make ourselves better,” Hudson said. “If you’re not improving what you’re doing every day you’re moving backwards.”

The larger facility will be better for patient care and in an open format.

“We’ll be going from one pretesting room to four pretesting rooms,” LeBlanc said. “We’ll double our pretesting equipment. We have a human resources person who works remote and she has nowhere to sit when she comes to the office. We’ll have an increased reception area.”

Hudson said the new building will be a state-of-the-art facility with equipment that’ll be better for their patients.

“If you look at what we’re getting as far as equipment and software, we’ll measure up to some of the big opthalmology groups in Oklahoma City,” Hudson said.

Completion on the project is expected to take eight months, weather permitting and the architect on the project is Chuck Lynch.

“He does a lot of unique structures on beautiful church buildings,” LeBlanc said.

Hudson said the support from the community and the reality of seeing the construction underway is surreal.

“We didn’t know we would end up here,” Hudson said. “We look around and it’s pretty surreal that the community has supported us the way they have. We’re so thankful for that. I think we feel that this is not our project, the Lord has brought this gift to us to care for this community.”

For more information on Elite Eye Care, call 806-669-2824 or stop by their current location at 1916 N. Hobart.


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