Hebrews,chapter eleven,verse one(Heb.11:1)The chapter and verse in question is clear and definitive in its decree and declaration of faith.

The Bible is replete in all scriptures in it’s relativity to faith.In point of fact faith is the third (3rd)of the nine psychic gifts from the Holy Spirit administration.(See 1Cor.12:9) Faith is a supernatural gift operative via the science of the mind.”Explain?” 

I’m glad you asked-Understand something, Faith is the substance (the infinite,invisible thinking stuff that permeates,penetrates,and fills the interspaces of the universe and a thought imposed upon substance,thinking substance takes the form of the thought or intent transforming it into its spiritual equivalent,thus Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. 

Faith is a supernatural gift operative via the science of the mind. Thought blended with Faith and feeling is instantly picked up by the subconscious mind and is looped back to the conscious mind with a definite plan or blueprint to bring the thought,intent,or prayer into the physical world as reality and/or personal experience.

Progressive KingPriest Consciousnesses Learning Center, Dr. Billy R Woodard


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