Fifth Annual Wild Game Dinner to be next weekend


The Fifth Annual Wild Game Dinner will be held Jan. 29 from 5 to 7 p.m. at M.K. Brown.

The event was first held when then-pastor for Hobart Baptist Church, Mike Watson, got together with James Greer of the Top O’ Texas Baptist Association.

“We started talking about it and decided to put a wild game dinner together because he liked to cook wild game,” Greer said.

Greer, Watson and Leroy Dodson got together and through the Baptist Association, comprised of 71 churches across 16 counties in the Texas Panhandle, decided to implement ways to minister through the dinner.

“We thought this could minister to men,” Greer said. “The more we did it every year the more it ended being not just men, but men and women. The first year we did it at MK Brown and we’ve been there every since.”

The inaugural dinner had 300 people despite two and a half inches of ice. Now it’s close to 400 people who attend. This year’s dinner will feature about 30 gallons of gumbo, 30 gallons of chili with meat from deer and hog.

“It’s pretty cool because people get a chance to eat things they had never ate before,” Greer said. “These guys are very meticulous in preparation. If you shoot a deer and take it to them, they usually know who shot it at what time. There’s lots of safety we try to ensure.”

During the dinner there will be drawings for a rifle, a pistol, ice chests, a fishing trip to Lake Fork and other items donated by sponsors.

Hank Hough of Kingdom Dog Ministries will be the speaker at the event and feature his dogs Sunday Morning, Moses and Sendme.

Hough uses man’s relationship with dogs as a way to relate to our relationship with God.

“This is a backyard barn presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” Hough said. “I’m going to go to Job 12:7. Job said if you want to know who God is, ask the beast of the field and he will teach you. Today, I go around using the dogs to teach you who Jesus Christ is. What my dog has to do to go to the Championship is almost identical for what we have to do to cross the gates of Heaven. It’s a visual presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Top O’ Texas Baptist Association helps area churches with their ministry needs.

“We help all of these 71 churches do ministry where they need help,” Greer, who is the Director of Missions for the organization, said. “Let’s say they want to do a Wild Game Dinner in Dalhart, we can help set that up. I have a church in Wellington who doesn’t have a pastor, so I went and preached there and then helped them put together a committee to search for a pastor. Those are the kinds of things we do.”

For more information on the Wild Game Dinner, call 806-664-0067 or 806-664-0074.


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