God has a plan


Chip Ingram, who is president of Walk Thru the Bible, wrote an interesting article I would like to share with you.

In a world that grows more unsettled each day, you may sometimes feel like throwing up your hands in despair. But may I remind you that God’s people have been here before. And God has always had a plan for His people.

Remember Moses? To a generation of enslaved Jews, it seemed like there was no hope. Then Moses was born and his parents made a courageous decision in an attempt to save his life. They had no idea that God would take the worst of times and bring about a deliverance.

Remember Elijah? Oppressed by an evil dictator and a pagan environment, he thought he was the last believer on earth. But God was in control. He had a game plan for revealing His glory to a nation submerged in wickedness.

Remember Daniel? Israel had been scattered to the four winds, and a teenage boy and his friends were abducted into a ruthless, corrupt culture. But God had a plan, and a faithful few were used to dramatically influence an entire nation and accomplish God’s purpose in the midst of chaos.

And what about the state of the world when Christ was born? Moral decay and religious hypocrisy had relegated spiritually to a hollow, rotten husk of pretense and fear. But into that context; God brought eternal life to the entire world in the most improbable of packages: a baby boy.

The Bible reminds us that the world has been on the brink of disaster on more than a few occasions. Although we’re naturally inclined to worry, hide or lose hope, God reminds us that nothing and no one can thwart His purpose, “There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord,” (Proverbs 21:30).

Ask God to show your opportunities for sharing your faith and standing up for the Lord Jesus in the midst of our uncertain world. God is in charge and on His throne!


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