Good Samaritan story from Pampa


The following story was sent to us about a Good Samaritan in the Pampa area:

“For what’s it’s Worth!

“I was stranded on the road 4 miles north of Pampa (out of gas).  I’ve been a AAA member for 20+ years and have rarely had to use this service.  Today wasn’t that day.  I called and waited 1 hour until I received a call back stating it was going to be another 2 hours before they could get someone out there.

“Needless to say, this was very frustrating and disappointing... but I decided to try my luck at waving a person to help.  A man in a truck stopped (Picture) and indicated he would be more than happy to help, but had to drive to his farm to get gas. 

“I offer to pay him, but all he wanted was for me to “Pay It Forward”. 

“Today, I hope you publish this story to Pay it Forward and share the Good that does happen often in our world... even in Pampas TX.  Many of you will recognize the truck and the person who owns it, please give him a thank you.

“His name is irrelevant, but his deed he did will last a lifetime.

“Thanks in advance for sharing my story,

“Gene Wockenfuss, from South Dakota!”


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