Gray County Accepts $100,000 Gift From Fed. Government


The Gray County Commissioners Court met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday February the 1st. Among the items discussed, was the acceptance of the LATCF Award from the federal government in the amount of $100,000. The gift was originally set at $50,000 but doubled, with no strings attached. While County Judge, Chris Porter was absent from the meeting for work obligations, he informed the court at the time of the meeting that there were no strings or ‘catches’ to this gift. The money will be moved into the ARPA fund account that is used throughout the year to pay various items and bills as approved by the court.

Additionally, the court was provided with a ‘Racial Profiling Report’ from Constable, Joe Montgomery, over the 2nd precinct. The report is to reflect transparency on arrests and detentions made. It is a regularly provided report to the court to ensure fairness and accountability across the board. In the matter of gifts, the county approved and accepted a gift from Ken Miller in the form of 116 loads of caliche to be used throughout the county as needed. Commissioner Logan Hudson, Precinct 4, sought approval from the court to transfer a 2007 Volvo Truck from Precinct 4 to Precinct 1. Siting that they no longer have use of the vehicle, and Precinct 1 has plans for the truck. The transfer, along with $5,000 for any repairs or damages on the truck were approved and are set to be transferred to Precinct 1.

Along the same lines, the court approved trading a 1998 International Dump Truck for a 1991 International with the City of Lefors. The ‘98 was a truck that Precinct 1 got from the City of Pampa. The trade benefited both parties as the City of Lefors had a good trade-able truck that was better fit for Precinct 1. With no money transfers needed, and already approved by the City of Lefors, the court approved the item. At the last meeting, the court voted towards enacting a burn ban for a 30 day minimum for Gray County. With the 30 days coming to an end soon, the court reexamined the matter.

“We’ve had moisture since then,” Commissioner, Logan Hudson said. “We got snow and have more predicted to come.”

With that said, the motion to resend the burn ban was proposed and passed, meaning Gray County is no longer in a burn ban. The only bills to be approved from the County Auditor were a reimbursement to the McLean Volunteer Fire Department from the ARPA fund account and an outstanding bill from LA Police Gear in the amount of $2,620 for equipment the Sheriff’s office had ordered. The bill hadn’t been sent out previous to the late notice that came across the sheriff’s desk. The motion to pay the bill after confirmation was made that the county had in fact received the items as listed to be paid for.

Also Discussed:

• Item 2, Consider Line Item Transfers - NONE

• Item 3, Consider Budget Amendments - NONE

• Item 4, Accept Monthly and Quarterly Treasurer’s Report - APPROVED

• Item 11, Accept CLE Hours for Commissioner Haley and Commissioner Hudson - APPROVED

Agenda Item 10 was held in executive session, under section 551.071 of the Texas Government Code.

The next commissioner meeting will be held in the second floor court room on Wednesday, Feburary 15 starting at 9 a.m.