Gray County Commissioners approve new fees for GCSO/Constables


The Gray County Commissioners Court met on Wednesday morning for a regularly-scheduled meeting.

During the meeting, the Commissioners approved the Gray County Sheriff’s Office and Constable fees for civil service.

“We are failing and lacking behind some of the counties surrounding us,” County Judge Chris Porter said. “I compared us to what Wheeler, Donley, Roberts and Carson County does. Although they aren’t nearly as populated as we are, they are charging quite a bit more.”

Many of the increases range from $45 to $75 from the previous rate. Commissioner Jeff Haley was concerned Porter ran the new fees up to see how much more revenue it would bring to the County as many of the smaller counties use them to make up for the smaller tax base.

“I didn’t do that,” Porter said. “I’m not looking at this as a revenue-generator. What I’m doing is looking at the fact that what Donley County is doing is the same thing we do. They have a deputy/constable who goes and serves these papers and runs the same risk, same gas usage and same service.”

Porter said many of the civil services are a lengthy process and felt like the County should be reimbursed.

“This is an apples for apples comparison,” Porter said. “They have somebody who is doing the same exact thing we are doing. I think this is covering for our service.”

Porter said the fees hadn’t been increased in “a long time.”

“It seems like we change them every seven to 10 years,” Porter said. “I’d rather get ahead of the scale now. Then leave it alone for seven to 10 years than adjust it every year.”

The Commissioners also approved the following items:

• Pay Bills as Approved by the County Auditor

• Line Item Transfers

• Budget Amendments

• Accept County Treasurer’s Monthly Report

• Accept County Clerk’s Monthly Report

• Voiding Jury Checks for Credit- There was $834 in jury duty checks that were never cashed going back to the 2018.

• SAVINS Grant Renewal- This grant notifies victims of crimes when their offender is being released from prison.

• RAMP Grant for Perry Lefors Airport - It’s a $50,000 grant for routine maintenance with the County matching $25,000. It’s a grant they approve every year.

• The 2022 Gray County Holiday Schedule

• The 2022 Gray County Commissioners Court Meeting Schedule

• Approving Sale Procedure for Real Property known as the Gray County Precinct 4 Fuel Depot

• Accounting Procedures and Requirements for ARPA Fund Requests

• Approval for Online Education Courses for County Commissioners

The Commissioners tabled the following:

• Discuss ARPA Requests from Volunteer Fire Departments

• Approve RFP for Broadband Investment with ARPA Funds


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