Gray County Commissioners Court Meeting - September 1


Gray County Commissioners Court gathered to discuss items and topics happening across Gray County on September 1. The subjects that gathered the most discussion were Resound Networks’ proposed tower placement and to consider a request submitted by Anita Gullett, White Deer Land Museum’s Director, to change 1 full-time employee to 2 part-time employees.

Though similar situations have been brought to the court in past years, Gullett offers insight into her request.

“We have discussed it but this situation is unique,” Gullett told the court. “When I originally came to the board for 2 temporary part-time employees, I still had the full-time employee. That money was supposed to come outside the Foundation and be reimbursed. Once my full-time employee left, and I would like to make the board aware, I would use the money to pay for those temporary part-time employees. This is what I am asking.”

Jeff Haley, Precinct 4 Commissioner, was intrigued by this situation.

“This is one of those questions I have always wanted to ask yet never asked it,” Haley said. “Since we are here, this is a good time to bring it up.”

The court passed the motion to consider the request.

Haley also brought up the topic of Resound Networks adjusting the placement of towers in Lefors.

“They’ve run into an issue regarding the soil in Lefors,” Haley said. “The towers are going up and they’re filling the bases but the soil is very sandy. There is an unforeseen expense for soil re-patch.”

Haley goes on to explain the situation.

“There are other towers in Lefors,” Haley said. “Resound Networks has reached out to the other tower owners. That would be a contractual change with the county. I notified Resound Networks that they need to come to the court to express this change.”

Josh Seabourn, County Attorney, came to ensure that Resound Networks and the court could come to a solution to draw up a contract.

“It shouldn’t be hard,” Seabourn reassured. “We already have the language in the current contract that exists. I assume it would be possible to get language in regarding the towers.”

The items discussed are as follows:

  • Pay Bills as Approved by the County Auditor - Motion Passed
  • Consider Line-Item Transfers - Motion Passed
  • Consider Budget Amendments - There were none
  • Consider County Clerk’s Archive Fund Plan - Motion Passed
  • Recognize and Enter into the Court Minutes the Setting of the District Court Reporter’s Salaries and the County Auditor and Assistant Auditor’s Salaries for FY2023 - Motion Passed
  • Consider Election Administrator’s Bond for Office - Motion Passed
  • Consider Renewal of Benchmark Printer Contract for the Election Administrator’s Office - Motion Passed
  • Consider Approval of the 2023 County Holiday Schedule - Motion Passed
  • Consider Approval of the 2023 Commissioners Court Schedule - Motion Passed
  • Consider and Adopt FY2023 Budget - Motion Passed Unanimously
  • Consider and Adopt 2022 Tax Year General, M&O and Road and Bridge Tax Rates - Motion Passed Unanimously
  • Consider Request to Change 1 FT Employee in the White Deer Land Museum to 2 PT Employees - Motion Passed
  • Consider Approval of Replacement of Employee in the District Clerk’s Office - Motion Passed