Hidden Hills Update - Aug. 22 - Aug 27, 2022


Monday Night Scramble

1st 30 Ron Fields, Blayne Kirk, John Thrasher and Ronnie Wood
2nd 30 Kelly Everson, Abram Garcia and Lynn Allison
3rd 31 Larry Hannah, Pat Montoya, Aaron Hill and Alfred Kelly

Senior Scramble
Wednesday 8/24/2022
1st 57 Larry Hannah, Aaron Hill, Charles Byrum, Larry Neighbors and Dan Holcomb
2nd 59 Ron Fields, Bill Hammer, Gary Field and Rod Crow
3rd 60 Jerry Walling, Walt Williams, Chris Kutin, Alfred Kelly and Carl Johnson
4th 60 Gene Valentine, Cary Coffee, Russ Alexander and Jeff Johnson
5th 61 David Teichmann, Pat Montoya, Ken Burkett and Gerald Anderson

Energy Transfer / VFW Scramble
Saturday 8/27/2022
Morning Flight:
1st 55 Tim Brown, Aaron Baird, Collin Killgo and Jordan Lemons
2nd 56 Nathan Bailey, Bill Hammer, Anthony Tiedt and Ole Dahl
3rd 59 Pat Montoya, Kurt Foster, Aaron Hill and Mike Soukup

Afternoon Flight:
1st 56 Steve Williams, Daniel Williams, Chance Williams, and Bill Crain
2nd 56 Keenan Davis, Sam Newman, Dillon Henley and Seth Coffey
3rd 57 Ross Forney, Ryan Lewis, Kenny Purcell and Triston Inman


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