‘In His Image’ Movie at HCC


On Sunday evening, January 24, 5-7pm, Hi-Land Christian Church will be showing the movie, IN HIS IMAGE. We want everyone in Pampa to consider this article a personal invitation to attend. Please join us if you can.

Dr. James Dobson says, “Every pastor, counselor, and layman in the church should watch IN HIS IMAGE.” I couldn’t agree more.

IN HIS IMAGE is the most compassionate presentation I have ever seen on the uncomfortable issues surrounding God’s plan for human sexuality.

The documentary professionally deals with:

1- God’s love for every human, no matter their sexual orientation;

2- what God’s Word says about the sexual issues related to LGBTQ communities;

3- what true science says about some of the most important LGBTQ sexual issues;

4- some of the incorrect statements made concerning LGBTQ sexual issues;

As followers of Christ, we must learn how to engage our culture on these issues with love, gentleness and truth. The questions concerning LGBTQ issues will grow to be more and more important in the coming years.

Questions like:

Can you be gay and be a Christian?

If someone genuinely feels trapped in the wrong body, did God make them this way?

Is change even possible?

Please set aside this one evening to better prepare to share with others the love of Christ and the truths surrounding LGBTQ related issues.

And if you are part of the LGBTQ community, I would love for you to attend. I promise you that you will be treated with respect and love. And know this: IN HIS IMAGE is a compassionate, biblically based and gentle movie. God bless you and yours.


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