John Mark Baggerman looks to continue serving the county in Precinct 3


The last three terms for county commissioner of Precinct 3 has been served by two individuals: John Mark Baggerman, the current one, and Neil Fulton, the former. 

The two have taken turns winning the election for that seat and it’s up to Gray County residents to decide who will be in the spot for the next four years.

John Mark Baggerman is the incumbent in the seat and would like to continue serving his role and the residents of Precinct 3 for what would be his third term, second-consecutive.

Property taxes and the tax rate along with county business is always the main issues facing the County.

But Baggerman is proud of how the County has maintained it’s financial prowess through his previous term.

“I feel like we’ve done a good job with the budget,” Baggerman said. “Oil prices keep going up and you can’t stop that. But to keep the quality service to the public, there are hard choices to be made.”

Should he be elected, Baggerman would be the second eldest commissioner behind Precinct 4’s Jeff Haley. But, he enjoys working with all of the County Court and solving problems.

“Just working together and solving a problem (is one thing I enjoy),” Baggerman said. “We all went out there and mowed the airport, the precincts got together and took care of it in two days. We work together with the other precincts.”

With county judge Chris Porter and commissioner for Precinct 2 Lake Arrington in their second year, Baggerman said he has enjoyed working with both of them. He added they will miss commissioner Joe Wheeley on the Court, who has decided to retire at the end of his term.

“I’m going to miss Joe immensely and his knowledge of everything,” Baggerman said. “He’s been commissioner 32 years when he leaves.” 

While Baggerman said he hasn’t received many complaints about conditions in Precinct 3, his main goal is always to take care of a problem as soon as it arises.

“If they do have an issue, we go and take care of it,” Baggerman said. “Don’t put it off. I also still like helping at Lake McLellan.”

Baggerman pointed to his experience as to what he brings to the table the most.

“I worked for the precincts for 16 and a half years (Precinct 3 -14 years, Precinct 2- two-and-half years),” Baggerman said. “I know the roads and the crews. I started at the bottom and worked my way up through the system.”

If any one has any questions for Baggerman, he welcomes a phone call on his cell phone at 806-662-6222.


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