Kovar Capital: How will the supply chain shortage affect this holiday season?


Hey Taylor:  I keep reading things about how these delayed cargo ships are going to make shopping and deliveries a nightmare. How bad is it going to be come Christmas? - Gigi

Hey Gigi: I can’t lie, it’s going to be an interesting and stressful holiday season. We saw firsthand what the pandemic did to our communities and heard what it was doing on a national level, and now we’re watching as the entire globe tries to get its act back together. It doesn’t look like it will happen in time for Christmas, so we all have to put a little more thought into preparation.

Don’t rely on Amazon. This isn’t a knock on the company, but we’ve all become accustomed to our Prime packages arriving almost instantly, and that can’t happen with all the shortages and the bottlenecked loading docks. If you want something from Amazon to arrive before Christmas, might as well place the order now because there will be no guarantees come late November.

Shop local (with patience). We all need to support local businesses no matter what the season is or what shipping conditions are. Without knowing when packages will come in the mail, this is a great time to just head to the store and buy something that you can immediately put in the car and hide in the garage. That said, our local toy and sporting goods stores are dealing with the same supply issues as Amazon. We should go in with an open mind and try to buy what’s available instead of asking when different items might be arriving. Help out those mom-and-pop shops by buying what they’ve got and not adding stress by asking for products you don’t see on the shelves.

Get creative. Maybe this is the year you take a new approach with gift shopping and giving. Think of what you can get instead of what you want to get, then go from there. This could also be the year where you put more focus on helping those in need—cleaning out your attic or garage, cleaning and donating the things you and your kids no longer use. Buying presents is an important part of our holiday traditions, but the Spirit of Christmas is beyond what can be undone by our shipping issues. Focus on family, friends, church, and community, and the gifts you need will still find a way to get under the tree by December 25th.

Our second Christmas living with the coronavirus should be better than our first, but it won’t be without issues. Start strategizing and keep your eye on the things that matter most, and I’m sure you’ll be fine. Thanks for the question!

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