Kovar Capital: Investing in Hot Industries


Hey Taylor - This is a question that’s half about employment and half about investing. What are the booming industries right now? And are those good options for stock buying as well as for hiring? Does that make sense?

Hey Aldon - I follow what you’re saying, so it makes sense to me! In general, I always assume an industry that’s adding lots of jobs is at least worth considering from an investment standpoint, but it’s not always cut and dry. Let’s dig in a little.

• Booming industries. Right now we’re seeing a lot of growth in global companies that partake in travel, shipping, and sales. It’s not that these are new industries, but rather the global markets are still catching up from time lost to Covid and all the supply chain issues. For example, global airport operations is the fastest growing industry, but it’s not like every big city has added a new airport. That said, the hospitality job market is scorching hot as hotels, resorts, restaurants, and tourist services are enjoying the boom that comes with added travel. If you’re looking for work, look no further than hospitality!

• Adapting industries. This relates directly to the global growth we’re seeing. Disruption always leads to innovation, and delivery and shipping systems were among the most disrupted sectors over the past three years. Whether it comes from emerging companies or industry stalwarts that shake things up, I think there will be some exciting investment opportunities in businesses that handle shipping and deliveries. Online retail is another fast-growing industry, and someone has to make sure people’s orders get boxed and arrive safely on the buyer’s doorstep. How have these things changed in your daily life over the last few years? Consider your personal experiences and how they affect your thoughts about a particular industry.

• Forever boomers. Year after year, tech and healthcare are always top candidates for employment growth as well as an influx of shareholders. You’ll find a lot of value stocks in these industries, which carry more risk than long-term growth stocks but make great investments if you get in when the getting is good. Tech will always be changing, adapting, and revolutionizing commerce. Meanwhile, we’ll never stop trying to make healthcare and medicine better. While we can always expect growth in these sectors, it’s tough to figure out which new companies will flourish while others fizzle out.

A growing job market doesn’t always mean a certain industry is prime for your investment capital, but it can be a pretty strong indicator. Hopefully, my thoughts can help with whatever decisions you might be making. Thanks, Aldon!


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