Kovar Capital: Summer Side Hustle Ideas


Hi Taylor - My hours get cut back in the middle of June and I need to think of a few ways to make ends meet from then until work picks back up in September (I’m a teacher’s aide). Any ideas?

Hey Eden - The old summer side hustle! Jobs with seasonal downtime make that part-time work really important, as you’re no doubt aware. Fortunately, there are lots of other industries that pick up at the right time. Better still, if you can come up with your own industrious plan, you might be able to carve out some work for yourself that lasts year-round. Here’s a small list of ideas—see if you can make one of these work for your situation.

1.) Dog walker and house sitter. These are the most practical and available. While other people take their family vacations, those who stay put are needed to keep animals happy and homes safe. This is one of the jobs that still thrives on word of mouth and asking around, or you can sign up for an online company that preapproves and pairs dog walkers and housesitters with people needing those services.

2.) Teach online. I’m sure you’ve looked at this option since you already live in this profession, but there are various ways to approach it. If you can’t find work teaching your normal subject, there are a lot of opportunities to teach English to non-native speakers. This can work for both people who work in education and those who just need the side hustle. You can also look into online tutoring for kids trying to get their grades back on track over the summer.

3.) Sell stuff online and elsewhere. I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve met in the last couple of years who make most of their living finding, fixing, and reselling items. You can start by selling the stuff you already own in a garage sale. If you don’t have the space or enough stuff, list individual items on Facebook Marketplace or another digital space. Once you get into a rhythm, you can sell things on behalf of other people and split the profits. Second-hand commerce is out there waiting for you!

4.) Find short-term gigs. If you’re struggling to come up with a job, get out there and see what jobs already exist. Someone might be waiting for a person just like you to step in and help out for a couple of months. A landscaping company, a food truck, a wedding photographer in need of an assistant—keep looking and keep asking, and something will likely turn up.

Sometimes it feels like there’s no work to be had, but the jobs are always out there if you know where to look. Get creative, get hustling, and have a great summer, Eden!


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