Letter from the Sheriff - Sept. 1, 2022


Being in Law Enforcement you get to do many things and serve in many roles. We get to be counselors, mental health workers, EMS, and Law Enforcement Officers. Sheriff Deputies, Police Officers, DPS and Game Wardens all take part. One minute you are a patrol officer and seconds later you’re doing CPR on a 5 year old at the school. This is a profession that one call to the next can be totally different. We never expect a call to go the same way twice.

During my time, I have seen a range of being the most hated to being highly loved. This could be from writing someone a ticket or taking a loved one to jail. Something that was said or something that was written. These are some of the many ways for a person in uniform to be hated. The guys that wear our uniforms are not there to beat you, hate you or unjustly take you to jail. If they are, soon their time will come before the
court. We are here to protect you and your property to the best that we can.

With that hate also comes the enjoyment of being loved by many. Being blessed by living and working in Gray County, we have a loving and respected area for our workforce. Things such as a child hugging you at an elementary school, men and women greeting you at the Senior Citizens Center or just that someone that catches you out of the blue and says “your doing a good job,” carries us a long way. It has me for sure.

In the end, Law Enforcement is here for you. No matter what you see on the news, talk show or Chicago PD, the Gray County Law Enforcement officers are here for you. Sometimes you might like what an officer has to say. If you feel wronged, report it to their superiors. If that doesn’t help, please advance it to the higher authority. Always remember, they are here to Protect and Serve You.

Thank You and God Bless


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