Letter to the Editor: Kudos to our Law Enforcement


Thank you to our brave law enforcement to make Pampa’s biggest drug bust and round-up to rid Pampa of a bad problem: assorted hard drugs, $500,000 in cash, stolen guns and illegal weapons.

Thank you sheriff deputies, Texas DPS, FBI, SWAT and Police.

People who stepped up and brave enough to rid Pampa of criminals that was long needed. This begs the question: are you brave enough to step up and help our law enforcement? Brave enough to call when something looks wrong in your neighborhood? In the parking lot of your business? What about something odd on campus? Pampa’s newspaper on Tuesday showed law enforcement is doing their job! Nineteen indictments, which 14 were drug-related, 10 more arrests!

Help our law enforcement.

Mike Voss, Pampa.


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