Letter to the Editor: The Devil is Always Busy


Romans 7:20-21 states, “Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me. I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me.”

First, on Sunday, June 27, 2021, I planned a small birthday party for my brother at the new restaurant here in town. Well, it is not that new, it has been here for about 2 years now. As I entered the restaurant, one of my other brother went in ahead of me to start getting the area setup. However, when I came through the door, I notice him standing there speaking with two ladies. One of the ladies I would soon discover she was the manager. I told her that “I called and made reservations on Monday June 21st, with the owner for a birthday party that was scheduled for 1:00 pm.” She turned and went to the desk, came back and told me, “I do not have reservation for your party.”

Next, I then told her the “birthday person was on his way and I would like to get everything setup before he arrives.” She politely walked us over to the bar area, pulled two tables together and then left. As she was walking away, I asked her, “Would you send someone to wipe off the tables?” She brazenly responded, “I’ll be right back to do it.” I figured that she would be the person to wipe the tables off, since, she said she “would be back.” As the other members began to arrive, they started to complain that the table needed to be wipe down. I told them “the manager told me, ‘I would be right back to wipe down the table”’ So, we waited for 20 minutes for the manager to come and wipe down the table or at least send one of her other servers to come and wipe down the table. Finally another server came and wiped down the table. Unfortunately, she did not bring our silverware with her, nor was she prepared to take our order for drinks. So, the manager came back to take the orders for drinks. She also asked, “if we would like appetizers?” Unfortunately, we still did not have silverware.

Furthermore, after another 20 minutes, the manager along with an additional server returns with the drinks, and of the appetizers. The rest of us waited for our appetizers and drink. Guess what? Still no silverware, and I never received my appetizer. Imagine hosting a party and your guest had to eat their appetizers with their fingers, that was humiliating. I realize that some appetizers and/or hor d’ oeuvres are finger food and can be eaten without silverware, but some are not.

In addition, when the manager returned to take our order, my brother mentioned to her, he would like for her to tell the owner, “I was not pleased with the service and that I would like to have an additional server help the manager.” She replied with “I am not telling him nothing.” I was highly offended at her remarks. My brother informed her, “you did not have to get so sharp with me.” Her response to him was just as brazen as the first response, saying, “how would you like to do this?” The manager then appeared flustered and just brisked away. A few minutes later, I told my brother, “they were cleaning up and we still have not eaten.” At this time, instead of cleaning up, someone should have come to see what we needed, instead we received no service.

To add, after she brisked away in such a rant, about 15 minutes later, the bartender begin to serve us. She was totally opposite of the manager. She was very pleasant and understanding and professional. We arrived at the restaurant around 12:50 and ate at 2:30.

Finally, my brother is 70 plus and I am 64, my desire was to be a blessing to him because he blesses so many people. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. All I wanted to do was to bless my brother and do something nice for him. Considering our ages, I may not have this chance again with him.

My dear friends, if you would please stand and pray with your friends of color, that this type of treatment will change, I would greatly appreciate it.

May God Richly Bless You.

Sharon Mathis-Olulu,

And the Open Door, Church of God in Christ Members


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