Looking for a 41’ Packard car


I am seeking information leading to the whereabouts of a 1941 Packard One Eighty sedan that was owned by David McGahey, of Pampa, during the 1970s and 1980s. This Packard has a very rare option – factory air conditioning, and a rarer and most unusual option – a

Cellarette. This was a refrigerator and freezer combination that was installed in the back of the front seat, making ice cubes on demand!

When Mr. McGahey died (perhaps early 1990s?) and the car was, we think, sold, but we don’t know to whom and we don’t know its present location and owner’s name. While we are not interested in prying into someone’s privacy or having someone reveal ownership when perhaps they wish to remain anonymous. My only wish is to have some current photos taken of the  car and the Cellarette for inclusion in a new book about the origins of air-conditioning in automobiles.

Packard was the first to offer air conditioning in an automobile in 1939 on their 1940 line of cars. Cadillac and Lincoln followed, introducing A/C in their 1941 lines.

The Henney Motor Co. of Freeport, IL, builders of hearse and ambulance models on Packard chassis for many years, introduced factory air-conditioning as an option in its line of ambulances in 1937, on their 1938 Packard ambulance models.

If anyone knows about this Packard, we ask that you please contact the owner quietly and ask him/her to kindly contact me. Photos can be arranged and the owner’s name need not be in the book.

Dwight Heinmuller, Sparks, Maryland, (410) 329-3022, packardcars@comcast.net.

My thanks!


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