More than a year after opening Atomic Ice House continues to serve Pampa


Blake Baldridge and Britton White opened Atomic Ice House, formerly Parkway Package located at 1824 N. Hobart, in March 2021 after buying the business from Doug and Teresa Davis.

After buying the business from the Davis’, Baldridge and White not only changed the name, but remodeled the entire store.

“He (Doug) was at the point where he wanted to get out so my business partner approached him and asked him if he was interested in selling,” Baldridge said. “He was all for it. So we bought it. It was pretty smoke-filled when we bought it so we thought we’d come in and make it our own.”

Baldridge added that Doug made the process very smooth for the duo to take over.

“We were up here and saw how he ran the business and what all it took,” Baldridge said. “After that, he made it incredibly easy to get it done.”

The pair arrived at the name Atomic Ice House after brain-storming on a title that would make the business open to everyone.

“We didn’t really want something with ‘liquor’ in the name and we wanted to cater to everybody,” Balridge said.

On top of your standard spirit items, Atomic Ice House has wine, soft drinks and even slushy’s that can be turned into a spirit.

“We’ve recently started selling slushy’s,” Baldridge said. “You can buy a slushy’s and then buy a shooter to add to it (i.e. Like a margarita slushy).”

Although some of the Parkway regulars didn’t transition over to Atomic Ice House, Baldridge said there have been plenty of new faces who did.

“We’ve kept a lot of usuals, some have left, but we’ve grown the business quite a bit in the year since we’ve owned the business. We hope to continue to keep growing our clientele.”

Not counting the two owners, there are four on staff at Atomic Ice House.

“We have four girls and they’ve all been really good,” Balridge said. “We could not keep this place running without them.”

Among those employees, Alex Rodriguez helps run the social media pages for the business.

Atomic Ice House is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday. They can be reached at 806-665-1571 or visit their Facebook page.

“We appreciate the community supporting us thus far and hope to continue serving everybody,” Baldridge said.


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