Neil Fulton looks to return to position as County Commissioner


For the last several years, either Neil Fulton or John Mark Baggerman have been the commissioner of Precinct 2 in Gray County.

Neil Fulton hopes to take back the position he held until the last election.

“I still believe that I have something that I can do for the County and the City seeing as both are in my precinct,” Fulton said.

Fulton, a former city commissioner as well, said his experience at the City take care of both the county portion of the precinct and the city portion.

Fulton said he knows the Precinct could use some new equipment.

“We could replace some equipment,” Fulton said. “They have a new maintainer and front-end loader in Precinct 3. There is a 1977 and 1978 truck and those would be the next things to be replaced, I believe.”

Fulton said he always kept his line of communication open during his last stay as county commissioner and city commissioner.

“When I was with the City I took every call no matter what precinct they are in,” Fulton said. “I did that for six years with the city, I’ve done the same thing with the County. Last time I was the County Commissioner I spent 90 percent of the time in that Precinct. I made the coffee every morning and went to work with my men.”

The county court looks a little different from the last time Fulton was commissioner; Chris Porter, Lake Arrington are now on the court while Joe Wheeley’s spot will be filled with a new face in this election cycle.

Fulton added his passion is helping the community when it comes to being a commissioner.

“I was a little league coach, I was on the Rodeo Association board of directors for 35 years, past-president of the Kid Pony Show,” Fulton said. “I was on the chamber of commerce board of directors and a past-president of the Goldcoats.”

Neil Fulton welcomes any phone calls if you have a question at 806-662-3949.

Early voting will be at Gray County Courthouse Feb. 18-28 in room 200. Election Day is March 3.


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