Non-Profit Opens in Miami to Help Those in Need


A new business has opened its doors! Located at 106 South Main Street at the back entrance of the building, Donation House is ready to help those in need and to accept donations of gently used furniture, appliances, kitchenware, towels, sheets, clothing, cooking utensils, etc. Items that are donated will then be used to help individuals or families in need. Assistance is not limited to the just the community of Miami but will also be available to those in need in the surrounding area.

The business is owned by Leslie Ishmael of Miami, Texas. Leslie has been helping others for several years by accepting donations and making sure they are given to anyone who has a need. She has a heart for giving and a passion for helping others. This non-profit organization has been a dream of hers for a long time. She feels that it is something that she has been called to do and is excited to be able to finally have a place to house the donations, a place that is large enough for people to be able to come and browse. “This is completely non-profit; the only expense will be the cost of the building rent and utilities. What help I have is strictly volunteer.” While Leslie holds a special place in her heart for veterans, the homeless, and victims of domestic violence, she wants to be able to help anyone who is in need. There is no list of qualifications and no questions to be answered.

Most items that are donated to the non-profit will be given away. Monetary donations for items, if a person is able, will be gratefully accepted and applied toward maintaining the building and keeping the lights on. “Give what you can. Take what you need.” This is the motto for Donation House. Services will be provided for anyone that needs help-whether it’s as simple as furnishing your first apartment or as complicated as rebuilding your life.

If you have a donation or need assistance, Leslie can be reached at (806) 323-2115 or (806) 868-4026. Contact information will also be available though any of the churches in Miami, Texas, Full Armor Biker Church in Amarillo, or Full Armor Fellowship in Pampa. She can also be reached by e-mail at or on Facebook (Donation House)

Monetary Donations can be left at the Donation House or mailed to P.O. Box 494, Miami, Texas 79059.


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