Pampa Choir presents ‘Cinderella’ as the 2021 Musical


The Pampa High School Choir will be presenting “Cinderella” for their musical starting on Nov. 18.

“We wanted to go back to fairy tales for this musical because we wanted something the younger kids could enjoy,” Choir Director Brianna Montgomery said. “We did ‘Grease’ last year and while some kids did enjoy it, it wasn’t something tailored to them. So we wanted something our kids would appreciate.”

Those expecting the live-action spin on the Classic, 1950 Disney version should look a little more recent for their expectations.

“This version is very similar to the 1997 release (Roger and Hammerstein’s) with Whitney Houston and Brandy,” Montgomery said. “Our version is similar to that one. The storyline is similar to the Disney version, but there are different songs and a couple of names of the characters changed.”

The cast is led by seniors Dax Scott, who plays the Prince, and Alexis Hancock, who plays Cinderella.

“It’s a lot of fun being in the musical,” Scott said. “The atmosphere is very different. All of the main cast forms a bond during musical season because every day after school we leave the high school, go to MK Brown and practice every single day. We all kind of become better friends. That’s a really fun part of the musical.”

Hancock added that while she has been in choir her entire life, this is her first named role.

“It’s really challenging,” Hancock said. “I’ve never had a named role before. I’ve always been a part of the ensemble. It’s been a challenge to stretch myself acting and getting to work with other people. It’s been interesting, but really fun and helped me grow as a person.”

Scott and Hancock both expressed how fun it is to see other cast members go into character.

“My favorite is to work with the mother and step-sisters,” Hancock said. “Because outside of their roles they are not mean at all. It’s fun having to see them try to be mean and they are fun to work with. They make me laugh the whole time.”

“It’s really interesting seeing people get into character and change their whole personality for the play and act their character,” Scott said. “They are hilarious when they do it. They act their roles great.”

Scott has been in choir for six years and said he has enjoyed working with Montgomery throughout high school.

“I’m really glad to have a director like Mrs. Montgomery,” Scott said. “She knows what she is doing when it comes to this stuff. It can get a little intense at times. But it’s a joy working with her and being able to put together this musical. Especially last year, we had six weeks to put together a musical. People said it was the best musical they’ve seen.”

While Hancock has only been in Pampa two years, she also praised Montgomery.

“She’s really nice but she expects you to do your best,”  You have to be prepared.”

The show includes 80 members for the cast and about 20 songs. As for the set, Montgomery said they’ve been able to reuse some of their materials from previous shows.

“We are re-using a lot of our pieces from Beauty and the Beast and using our same rotating castle as well as our styrofoam cut-outs. A lot of pieces we used will be able to be re-used with some minor edits.”

Montgomery added the support from the community, including parents and volunteers, has been great.

“We are so thankful for all of our parents who have stepped in and helped with costumes, sets, props, etc.,” Motgomery said.

Showtimes are Nov. 18 at 7 p.m., Nov. 20 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. and Nov. 21 at 2 p.m. Tickets are available online through “On this stage” or at the door. $12/adult and $7/students.


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