Pampa EDC Board sees sales tax revenue growth from 2021


The Pampa Economic Development Corporation met on Thursday afternoon for a regularly-scheduled meeting.

After the opening formalities, Executive Director Clay Rice gave an update about webinars and meetings he has had.

During the Treasurer’s Report, Board Treasurer Sue Fatheree noted that the City of Pampa sales tax revenue allocated to the EDC was a total of $1,244,596.16, which is an increase of more than $83,000 (7.18 percent).

Board President Glennette Goode noted that John Merriss, CPA of Doshier, Pickens and Francis, LLC did the EDC’s audit on Nov. 2.

“He will be here in January to give us the results,” Goode said. “They were expecting to be here three days to do it (the audit), and they were able to get out in two days.”

Goode presented the Board with the annual report packets that will be presented to the Pampa City Commissioners on Monday and then went into the Pampa Energy Center report.

“We continue to have companies coming to us about being interested in that site,” Goode said. “Part of the issue we have on a lot of them is they need more electricity than we can currently provide. The other factor that is negative as far as I’m concerned is if they have way too many water needs, I don’t want to do it because I don’t think we need to be lowering our water table more than we have to. I’d like it to still be here for our grandkids, I’m sorry.”

Goode added there are companies looking at the site that don’t have a high water usage, but they signed a lot of non-disclosure agreements, so details are limited.

“We have had more companies in the last 12 months contact us than in the last 10 years,” Goode said.

As for the upgrades to the former Chamber of Commerce building, the west windows will have a film on the windows to help with the heat that comes through the windows. It was also suggested to change the awnings to have the EDC logo instead of the Chamber’s logo.

But the “Chamber of Commerce” lettering on the southwest corner of the building, over where the Chamber’s offices will be located.

“I think it would be rude to the public if we just yanked them off right off of the bat,” Goode said. “It doesn’t bother me for it to be there, I just think the awnings need to be changed.”

The Board agreed with Goode about the Chamber lettering.

As for the interior, Goode said there has been a lot of removing and cleaning and the plan for the inside is to have gray colors with black accent on the doors. There will be mostly dark gray vinyl planks and carpet squares.

There was no executive session and the Board adjourned after discussing the update on the new building remodel.


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