Peggy Glover Daniel


Peggy Glover Daniel was born October 13, 1926, in Albuquerque, New Mexico and died June

14, 2022, in Dallas Texas. Her parents were Alice Morrison Glover and Elisha Preston Glover.

Peggy was raised in Pecos, Texas by her grandmother Martha (Mattie) Sessions Morrison and

her aunts, Eula Morrison and Maggie Glover. After graduating from Pecos High School, Peggy

attended Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, earning a degree in Geology in 1946 at age

nineteen. Three months later, on August 24th, Peggy married Josiah (Joe) M. Daniel, Jr., whom

she had met the summer she was 14, corresponded with for several years, and then

reconnected with while he served in the Naval Air Corps during World War II. As newlyweds,

Peggy and Joe lived in Austin while Joe completed his degree in Petroleum Engineering at The

University of Texas and Peggy worked for the Texas Adjutant General at Camp Mabry to

support them.

Joe’s career took the young couple first to Jal, New Mexico, and then back to Texas to Midland,

Pampa, El Campo, and finally back to Pampa, where they raised their two sons, Josiah and

James. The Pampa years were a favorite time, full of friends and activities. In the early 1960s,

Peggy returned to college, driving at night to Canyon, Texas, to complete a teacher’s

certificate. She became a much loved and respected Earth Science teacher in Pampa, teaching

more than 2,000 eighth-grade students who remember her fondly.

In 1977 Peggy and Joe moved to Houston and Peggy began a second career, again in the area

of science, as a geologic technician for Exxon Production Research on a project integrating

plate-tectonic theory into worldwide oil exploration. Her love of geology persisted, and over time

she built a good collection of rocks, minerals, and fossils. Upon her retirement, Peggy and Joe

moved to Austin to begin a new chapter. There both of them became heavily involved (Peggy as

a program chair) in UT’s LAMP program of continuing education for seniors. Travel was always

an important part of their lives, and this included twenty summers in Lake City, Colorado, a six

week trip around the world, in some years winter months in South America, and visits to all the

continents including Antarctica. They were married 53 years; Joe died in 1999.

Peggy will be remembered as a wonderful mother and an outstanding grandmother who made a

lasting impression on her four grandchildren through the love she showered upon them—and

the grammar lessons she gently provided—and fun activities she dreamed up and shared with

them. She was the queen of needlepointing, making scores of beautiful Christmas ornaments

and stockings for her family as well as cushions for the altar rails at two churches. Peggy loved

to host celebrations and had a great personal style. She was a true West Texan. With her sense

of humor and consistently cheerful personality, it can truly be said that she never met a

stranger. Peggy was active in her Episcopal churches in Pampa, Houston, Austin, and Dallas;

and in her eighties, she completed the four-year Education for Ministry program through the

School of Theology at Sewanee. She always contributed to her community.

Peggy is survived by her son Josiah M. Daniel, III (Susan Smith Daniel) of Dallas; her son

James Preston Daniel (Susanne Tierney Daniel) of Marietta, Georgia; grandson Josiah M.

Daniel, IV (Elizabeth Lee Reynolds Daniel) of Oklahoma City; grandson Thaddeus Exton Smith

Daniel (Xiaosi Gu) of New York City; grandson Michael Preston Daniel (Sarah Shea) of

Brooklyn; and granddaughter Carolyn Susanne Daniel of Atlanta. Peggy had three great

grandchildren (Josiah M. Daniel, V, Charles Lee Reynolds Daniel, and Nora Gu Daniel) and

many cousins and other kin, all of whom were near her heart. A legion of very good friends is a

part of her legacy.

A suggestion for memorial gifts is St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Pampa, Texas.