Peoples Kenpo hauls in 27 medals at Lubbock Open


Students from Pampa’s Peoples Kenpo/Jiu Jitsu recently competed at the Lubbock Open for the American Grappling Association in Lubbock.

“There were 38 teams altogether,” head instructor/owner of People’s Kenpo Alex Couch said. “Our team was 20 people and there were other gyms that had around 100.”

Competitors from four years old to north of 40 took part in the tournament with Peoples Kenpo coming home with 12 gold, 11 silver and four bronze medals.

“[Most of] our kids came home with a medal,” Couch said. “It’s a different experience with all of those people packed in yelling and screaming. All of our kids were in big brackets, so you had to win to even place.”

Couch noted that Elyse Leon made her opponent submit in nine seconds and Bryson Cooper forced a submission in 14 seconds.

Peoples Kenpo will host an open house at their new location, 618 W. Foster, on June 26 followed by the Tulsa Open in July.

The following came home with these awards:

Bianette Ortega -Gold, Bronze

Pancho Ortega -Gold

Elyse Leon - Double Gold

Easton O’Loughlin - Silver

Railyn Ward - Gold

Brynlee Ward- Silver

Grayson George -Silver

Kavyn Kemph - Bronze

Aisley Helfer-Silver

Bryson Cooper- Double Gold

Evan McCormick -Gold, Silver

Kaelyn McCormick -Gold, Silver

Abbey Snapp- Gold

Karson Doss - Silver

Matt Mears- Gold

Erica Mears- Silver

Skyler Hamilton - Gold, two Silver, Bronze

The following competed: P.J. Gonzales, Rubie Sirman and Cecil George


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