Pretty Glam to offer free service to cancer patients

Owner Kendall Price looks to give back by offering microblading to cancer patients with doctor approval.


Pretty Glam, LLC owner Kendall Price lost her grandmother to breast cancer. As a way to give back and honor her grandmother’s legacy, Price is going to offer free microblading for those who lost their hair to chemotherapy.

“She was a teacher here, Caroline Mann,” Price said. “I would do her make up and with chemo you lose your hair and facial hair. She lost her eyebrows and that was [hard for her]. So, to honor my grandmother, if there is a cancer patient who has a doctor’s note and they are cleared for this (microblading), I will do it absolutely free of charge.

“It’s a confidence booster. You don’t realize when you lose all of your hair, including your eyebrows, it really opens up your face. You lose something on your face that is a part of your identity and how someone recognizes you.”

Microblading takes a small blade with small needles, dipped in ink (Price uses semi-organic ink), to make small strokes in the space of the eyebrows.

“Since it’s semi-organic, it’ll fade over the years,” Price said. “It depends on skin type, sun exposure, sweating, etc. Your hair can grow back over it. You may not have hair in that spot anyways and I can go in and fill it in.”

Price has 15 years of experience in the medical field in the DFW area.

Pretty Glam, which is located inside Skinsational by Kara at 1835 N. Hobart, also offers cosmetic injections for botox, xeomin, etc.

“We can get rid of wrinkles, crows feet or any kind of thing you’re wanting to soften out or get rid of,” Price said.

Price decided to start her business to make these services more available in Pampa.

In the summer, Pretty Glam will also offer IV hydration. While popularly marketed as a hangover cure, IV hydration has many more benefits.

“It has immunity-boosting, energy-boosting, etc.,” Price said. “There is one for beauty that has collagen in it. There’s a Myers Cocktail that aids in so many ailments that people don’t realize we offer.”

Price is covered under a pharmaceutical company in Texas and Florida and has experience with IVs from her medical experience.

For more information on Pretty Glam, L.L.C., visit their Facebook page at “Pretty Glam LLC.”


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