Quirky Ginger Uniques: Products as unique as you


When Brandy Joiner lost most of her hearing from Meniere’s Disease, she needed an outlet.

“I needed something that didn’t require met to be around people or travel a lot,” Joiner said. “Meniere’s involves having vertigo attacks and being deaf was a new thing for me. So I needed something that would allow me to make money at home and on my own time.”

After starting an Etsy shop, business picked up and now Quirky Ginger Uniques, located on Kentucky Street across from the Pampa ISD administration building, is a brand-new business in Pampa featuring products that are unique to, as the name implies, a person’s quirks.

Everything in the store is hand-crafted, many of which have  American Sign Language designs.

“I was an advocate for sign language before (becoming deaf),” Joiner said. “But experiencing it myself, I noticed there wasn’t a lot of accessibility for people my age to be able to learn Sign and get resources.”

Quirky Ginger Uniques sells jewelry, candles, crystals, therapy dough, freeze-dry candy and a lot more.

“Everything here is custom,” Joiner said. “If you don’t see something you like or it’s not the right color or scent, let me know.”

Joiner, who also owns Moon Child Curiosities, said having her business in a store-front setting allows for her to have a large studio space for her crafting.

“I needed more space,” Joiner said. “The idea was to get a studio and my husband suggested putting a little store-front in. Pampa’s very close-knit and a lot of items are things people would like.”

Joiner’s associate, Jess Callender, added there wasn’t a lot of products catering to Joiner’s needs and this is a way to cater to the needs of others who have struggles.

“We do soaps and our candles are made from soy,” “So people who are allergic to everyday things, we are able to cater to them.”

“We try to meet the needs that a lot of big stores don’t,” Joiner said.

For more information on Quirky Ginger Uniques, Joiner said to text 806-340-3467.


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