Representative Slaton announces border security legislation and forum with border officials


AUSTIN, TEXAS - Today, Representative Bryan Slaton of HD 2, announced several border security bills in an effort to address the disaster occurring on the southern border. Representative Slaton re-filed his bill from the regular session that would finish President Trump’s wall on the southern border. Additionally, Rep. Slaton will be filing three other pieces of legislation, including making it a felony under state law to illegally enter the United States, a bill creating a border security grant fund for border counties, and legislation allowing property owners to reduce their property tax bill by donating to the border wall.

“Everyone knows that the crisis at the border is an absolute disaster, and these problems can not be solved by executive order. That’s why I have filed these bills in the Texas House. The legislature must have a say in crafting concrete laws that will permanently address the problems on our border. The legislature must pass a law building a wall, and we must pass laws empowering our law enforcement to properly deal with illegal aliens. Texas citizens want to see this done, and that’s why I am also filing legislation to empower property owners to reduce their tax bills by donating to border security efforts,” Representative Slaton said.

To bring more attention to the problems on the border, and to encourage leadership to properly involve the legislature in the process of securing the border, Representative Slaton also announced a forum at the Texas Capitol with border officials and citizens on Tuesday, July 20th.

Rep. Slaton commented, saying, “While Democrats have abandoned their jobs and fled to Washington, we will be working on solving the border crisis. I look forward to this forum so that we can discuss these problems on the border and the related bills. I will be inviting some of my colleagues in the Legislature to join me to hear from those who experience the border crisis everyday.”


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