I’ve been seeing a lot of condolences on Facebook concerning the death of renowned rock guitarist, Jeff Beck. Sympathies for family and friends who have lost a loved one is not only appropriate, but a comforting blessing. I join with those offerings of sympathy and I also whisper a prayer for the comfort and salvation of any of those hurting due to his death.

That being said, I want to address a few of the specific comments of RIP offered to Beck himself. RIP represents REST IN PEACE. I am not trying to play judge or jury concerning Beck, only God knows his heart at the moment of his death due too bacterial meningitis. However, understanding the TRUTH behind RIP is a big deal. Here is the TRUTH: there is no “rest in peace” without JESUS CHRIST AS ONE’S LORD & SAVIOR.

If you don’t think so, check out John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Then consider that on the cross Jesus encountered 2 thieves. Both were harsh toward Him in the beginning, but then thief #1 repented, chastised the other thief and cried out for salvation; that very day Jesus granted him a trip to Paradise. For thief #2 there was no “rest in peace” awaiting him; only pain and agony.

So what about Beck? Well, after doing quite a bit of online research, I cannot find even a grain of sand that would indicate that Beck ever surrendered to Christ as his LORD. If that is true, and I pray that it is not, then he immediately visited the home of thief #2 and is living in the same agony. Jesus said that there would always be MANY who would choose the broad, easy path to destruction and only a FEW the narrow, difficult road to life. Mt. 7:13-14

For an unbeliever to say, “Rest in peace.” to another unbeliever who has died, makes perfect sense. However, for a Christian to deliver those same words to an unbeliever who has died, is at best thoughtless and at worst a denial of the hard truth of Scripture. “Rest in peace” belongs only to the FEW, the faithful followers of Jesus Christ. So fellow disciples of Christ, “speak where the Bible speaks.” Then truth will be on our lips. God bless.


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