Sattesahns named directors of the Harvest House


The Harvest House, located 736 S. Cuyler, started 2021 with new directors as Ed and Brenda Sattesahn took over Feb. 1 after the passing of Gary Snyder last year. 

“The (Harvest House) board of directors gave us a call and asked if we were interested and we accepted,” Ed said.

The non-profit organization provides food to families in need. The clothing giveaway came to halt for the moment as the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Right now it’s just food distribution on Thursdays from 10 to 10:30 a.m.,” Sattesahn said. “We don’t know how soon and whether we can expand the food giveaway. Most of our food comes from the Second Harvester Food Bank (based in Amarillo).”

The Harvest House would like to do food drives in the area to raise awareness that the organization is still open. 

Ed’s connection to the Harvest House came from his preaching to those they serve.

“The way it worked before is people came in, received a list and chose the product they wanted,” Ed said. “They would do that from 10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., and then they take the page to the room where the volunteers put it together and they came into a chapel for a service where I led devotions, worship and prayer.”

Currently the Harvest House is limited to drive-thru and everyone it services receives the same product. But they have found a way for the public to have their spiritual fill.

“We are going to start doing a newsletter,” Sattesahn said. “We are still available for people to receive counsel, whether it’s pastoral or through a licensed counselor. 

The Harvest House serves 35 low-income families a week and is also conducting registration for the 2021 year. There are 136 families signed up.

“There are some families we see once a month, others we see every week,” Sattesahn said. 

Organizations and individuals can donate to the Harvest House, but is limited to canned food, non-expired and in a smaller quantity.

“Basically it’s the small one-pound cans, dry goods, juices, cereal,” Sattesahn said. “Things people can use for a meal or for the week.”

Sattesahn has been at First Assembly of God, 500 S. Cuyler, for seven years and has been married to Brenda for 47 years in March. The pair have two children, a son in Plainview and a daughter in Florida with five grandchildren between the two.

For more information on the Harvest House, call 806-665-4042 or call Ed at First Assembly at 806-665-5941.