School Board discusses movement of Bus & Ag Barn


The Pampa Independent School District Board and community meet to discuss items, one prominently talked about was Discussion/Action Item A, the movement for growth needed for the ISD’s bus barn and Ag barn. The issue came about from the need to grow, the bus barn sits on Foster, on the south side of Pampa and is landlocked on space. The buses aren’t able to be housed and cleaned as efficiently as they could be with a larger facility. Along with this issue, the current Ag barn that is used at the end of horseshoe ally isn’t large enough for the growth the Ag program has had to house all animals and any equipment that they may need. “

We are looking at the Scribner building. It’s on the corner of Price Road and Highway 60,” Piatt said. “The building is 20 acres and we feel it can offer the opportunity for growth and expansion.”

The board brought up the item and discussed the option that has been provided to them. Along with the two named that would move there, the maintenance and ground crew would move to the building. The idea is still in the deliberation side of things, nothing has been set in stone for the purchase and movement of organizations.

Cont. Discussion/Action Items:

  1. Consideration and action to approve a resolution to set the 2022 tax rate: Approved decrease tax rate by .2 more cents. Continuing the decrease over the past 4 years
  2. Consideration and action to execute a conflict of-interest waiver for the Underwood Law Firm to represent Pampa ISD in a contractual matter in relation to AMA TechTel, LLC: Approved using AMA TechTel to upgrade to the necessary phone system, notion to sign agreement of conflict of interests of using same attorney, Underwood Law Firm.
  3. Consideration and action to approve a purchase and an Agreement with AMA TechTel, LLC for telecommunication services relating to the District’s VOIP Communication System and Telecommunication Voice Services Project: Approved and Discussed on behalf of Item C’s approval.
  4. Consideration and possible action to submit a class-size waiver request to the Texas Education Agency: Waiver request needed when class sizes exceed 22 kids per teacher - Not Discussed.
  5. Interview applicants for Pampa ISD Board of Trustee Vacant Position (Place 3): Board, in Executive Session, interviewed three potential candidates. Board Member, Matt Brock resigned, causing a need for a replacement. Dr. Emily Arrington chosen by the board, whom will run for position in May.


  1. Advanced Placement Testing Results Report: Abby Hancock presented to the board results from AP testing of 74 kids, 55% were in passing rate scoring a 3, 4 or 5 and receiving college credit. Along with testing, PISD has added Computer Science Principals to courses provided to students.
  2. Facilities Update Report: The Long Range Planning Committee met previously to examine hold a public hearing Monday, Aug. 29 at 5 pm to discuss findings, along with Architect, Richard Constancio to discuss and explain state of the districts elementary school changes ahead of the grade-level campus changes.
  3. Enrollment Report: This school year so far, PISD has 3,413 students enrolled

On the consent agenda: All Items Approved

  1. Consideration and action to approve board minutes from July 25
  2. Consideration and action to approve monthly financial reports
  3. Consideration and action to approve a resolution designation Gray County 4-H as an approved extracurricular activity
  4. Consideration and action to approve Gray County 4-H Staff as PISD adjunct personnel
  5. Consideration and action to approve TASB Policy Update 119
  6. Consideration and action to approve the 2022-2023 Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)
  7. Consideration and action to approve 2022-2023 PHS Band Trip
  8. Consideration and action to approve 2022-2023 PHS Choir Trip
  9. Consideration and action to approve revisions to PISD Investment Accounts signature cards
  10. Consideration and action to approve a contract with Elevate K-12 to provide instructional services for Spanish I and Spanish II Consent agenda item J. approved filling the missing Spanish teachers with a virtual K-12 instructional program.

“We lost two great instructors in our Spanish department,” Superintendent Hugh Piatt said. “This new program will be virtual, as a pilot program to fill the void. We are searching for replacements to fill the roles. But for now, we’ll try this out and we feel confident in our decision.”

The next board meeting will take part August 29 in the Administration Building located at 1233 N. Hobart. Open to the public.


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