Science of the mind


The universe and everything within it came into being by some great mind.

The universal conscious mind we reference as God,Christ Principle,The Holy Spirit,the Divine Presence has existed from the foundation of the world (See Romans 1:20).The invisible nature (99.99999%empty space)held together by a web of energy (spirit-God is Spirit John 4:24),the invisible attributes and divine power(Godhead)has been made intelligible and discernible through the things that are made so that man is without justification (excuse).

The mind and/or consciousness is the only force that can produce tangible objectivity from invisible substance.

It is by the gift of faith blended with feeling (that it is already done)that we believe that the wisdom and power of the universal conscious mind framed and put in order the worlds for their intended purpose through God’s thoughts expressed in the words “Fiat Luz”(Let there be light)so that what we see was not made by things that do appear.(See Hebrews 11:3)next Thursday we will speak to how the spoken word blended with feeling is transmuted into its spiritual equivalent and looped back to the conscious mind as “Faith” which is invisible substance substantiated as is prayer the Master Teacher counseled “When you pray believe that you already have the answers to your inquiries!”(See Mark 11:24)

- Billy R Woodard, Progressive KingPriest Consciousnesses Learning Center


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