Science of the Mind 10/15/20


“What Is Man That Thou Art Mindful Of Him?”(Psa.8:4) Man is the finite visible model of the invisible infinite we call God. Submit a task or challenge to the mind of man and the mind will perform that task in ultimate manifestation. Man in the metaphysical is not gender specific (Feminine and Masculine)takes place in the 3D which necessitates a hue-man physical body form. The Christ principle challenged the scoffers (Jews)”Isn’t it written in your laws that I said Ye are gods and the scriptures cannot be broken?”(See Jn.10:34-35).
Since April 2020 the pandemic has rendered the mind of man incapable of thinking rationally and it has relied on socially engineered propaganda from politics to healthcare news outlets to give it rationale. If man (mind) will calm itself and think as it thinks so it is then no weapon (Artificial Intelligence)formed against it cannot prosper.
As the hue-man mind subscribed to the physical act of prayer and not prayer itself it will lose the battle thus becoming the children of a lesser god rather than God itself. Understand something,the science of the mind really is the salvation of the soul.
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Dr. Billy R Woodard


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