Science of the Mind: Change


Nothing in this world is certain but change.As I script this article we are on the cusp of the most pivotal election in the history of the planet whether by design or divine decree. Already the norm has morphed into the realm of mystery and wonderment. In seven days the global populace will not recognize the social scenery to which it was  accclimated. 

Its fact that environment signals our genetic expression the masses are living now in a state of hormonal stress as a result of the election and not to mention the rising presence of the COVID-19 Pandemic and all of its  horrific  amenities.

However, it’s my challenge to offer us a Balm in Gilead via the science of the mind its my philosophy that there is no earthly sorrow than heaven cannot heal.In the sacred text there is counsel.

Be not conformed to this world,but be Ye transformed (changed)by the renewing of your mind.(See Romans 12:2)In so doing one may not change the external circumstances but certainly the perception thereof,thus the reality through the science of the science is  that beauty really is in the eyes of the beholders.

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Dr. Billy R Woodard


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