Science of the Mind: Divine Questions


We cannot argue the existence of God without first answering the questions of the physical universe-“The sun,moon,stars and the galaxies,from whence did they come???”....If then we find resolve in the origin of the universe we have settled the argument of the reality of God.If we will,and we must, continue with

the reality of God,then we must answer the important question-“What is man that thou art mindful of him?”(See Heb.2:6) We find resolve that man is the mind of God the expression of the (Christos)the Christ principle,the son of man...Now that we find resolve that man is the mind of God we close with the final divine question-“What is the science of the mind?”.....and I answer with one final question-“Is not the science of the mind the salvation of the soul’s of humanity?”

-Dr.Billy R Woodard, Progressive KingPriest Consciousnesses Learning Center


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