Science of the Mind: Greater Works


Did you ever ask yourself what was it that the Christ referenced when alluding to the discussion of greater works in John 14:12?....Perhaps Walt Whitman,the American Poet was pulling aside the veil of the ancient Christ’s mystery in his poetic verse that stated that “there’s more to man than what’s between his hat and his boots”....Greater Works would entail learning and understanding and utilizing the natural elements ( the smallest particles of energy and/or Spirit)the Christ principle proved my point in Matthew 8:23-27 when he stepped to the helm of ship and commanded the wind and the waves “Peace Be Still)Will man ever break free of the ego and take the initiative to walk in the manifest realm of greater works?”

Progressive KingPriest Consciousnesses Learning Center

Dr.Billy R Woodard

Billy Woodard is the curator of  Progressive KingPriest Consciousness Learning Center, a non-profit organization in Pampa.


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