Science of the Mind: The Philosophy


In today’s article I will attempt bring clarity to the science of the mind philosophy.

The phenomenal Manly P.Hall,Philosopher and Orator defines philosophy as the science of the nature of philosophy,truth,fact,and substantial reality (the act of actually existing).

The nature of all substances exist within the context beyond the exterior veneer,thus is placed in the category we know as metaphysics(after the physical).

I perused over,contemplated,and gradually adopted this philosophy in 1990. After awakening in the Midland, Texas Memorial Hospital in a semi-cognitive state of consciousness after a serious bout with bacterial meningitis. To make a long story short after several weeks of meditation,physical and mental therapy my Doctor/Neurologist arrived at my bedside with a post diagnostic report which read: You will remain in a vegetative state in body and mind, will be administered medications six times a day,you will never enjoy the life you once experienced. 

As he continued, I sensed a voice (nothing audible) but a frequency in the words “Not So!”...It was through this epiphany that the science of the mind philosophy originated. Now in my debilitated state of mind and body presently, I wondered who made the impression and what did it mean? In the ensuing weeks,months,and years of complete recovery I write,study,research,and more importantly experience that within the context of science of the mind philosophy there exsist an unseen creator,I percieve as the God/Christ/Christos Principle,thus the science of the mind absolutely is the salvation of the soul. 

There is someone or something within the human constitution that drives the life force even as you finish reading this article.

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Dr.Billy R Woodard


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